Woodstock School is more than an education, it's a way of life. So much so, the alumni continue to be involved years after attending this unique school in India. Learn more about the "Friends" of Woodstock School: our alumni.

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Alumni know the gift that is Woodstock School.
That's why they share this gift with others through our Scholarship Programs.

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Students must demonstrate meritorious achievement in academic work, the arts, leadership, or in service activities.

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Friends of Woodstock School shared Woodstock School Alumni's post.

Another "must share" from Woodstock!
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Sharing a post from Woodstock - it is that time of year again!
Worldwide Woodstock Day is on October 27th 2018! :) This day will once again mark a global celebration for Woodstock. Alumni around the world will gather to remember and celebrate their time here in the Himalayas. Would you consider helping to organize a gathering in your area? You can organize a small or large gathering (with our help) or you can simply be creative and think of some small symbolic way you can remember Woodstock during the week leading up to or on Saturday, October 27th.

The most important part is to let the alumni office know (alumni@woodstock.ac.in) as soon as possible what you plan to do and where you plan to do it so that we can help with putting you in touch with alumni in your area or sending out information about an event you would be planning or anything else you may need.
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Many thanks to Karen Holden and Philip McEldowney for sharing this wonderful post!
"Yesterday my sister, Dale, returned home to Scotland after a wonderful two week visit, a visit timed to attend the annual reunion, this time in Chicago, of the Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India, which we Anderson kids attended (boarded) the last year we were in India (www.woodstockschool.in/about/campus/
). Here is a pic of Dale and me with two in her class who attended. These reunions of all classes are incredible experiences for the affection shown by all for India itself. The most moving part of every reunion is hearing the 200 or so attending singing in unison and most from memory, the Indian National Anthem--implying no disloyalty to the U.S. but bondage with a country we grew up in and experienced "together" even when living in different places and attending the school at different ages and years, but all united by appreciation for the country and the school and how they shaped us."
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Be Part of Woodstock's Future


CLICK HERE for one of two terrific videos shown during 2017's Annual Meeting and Reunion.  It lays out Woodstock's blueprint for change.


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Woodstock's Vision and Philosophy


CLICK HERE for the second of two beautiful videos shown during 2017's Annual Meeting and Reunion.  It lays out Woodstock's vision and philosophy and the exciting plans for the Centre for Imagination.


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Mike Singh's '71 Beautiful Film Tribute to Tom Alter '68

Mike Singh's '71 beautiful film tribute to Tom Alter '68 was shown during the 2018 Annual Meeting and Reunion in Chicago.  We will be loading it soon and we know you will enjoy it. 


Many thanks to Mike!


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