2018'S ANNUAL MEETING AND REUNION - We had a great time! No Annual Meeting and Reunion in 2019, but January in Florida for 2020, Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend 1/17/2020 - 1/20/2020!

A BIG THANKS to the 2018
Local Planning Committee!  
July 20 - July 23, 2018 in Chicago at DePaul University

Left to Right: Eleanor Nicholson, former acting Principal; Lucy Dorenfeld '67; Gil Halsted '72;
Mary Girard '76; Bruce Davis '73 and Committee Chair; Patty Green-Sotos '72
Missing from photo:  Suzanne Hanifl '63; Anne Lind, former staff; David Shastry '09

FLORIDA in 2020!

Our Planning Committee for 2020 has confirmed Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, Friday January 17th - Monday, January 20, 2020, in Tampa, Florida.
Alumni and Friends have asked "why" Florida and 2020. 
During our 2018 Chicago Annual Meeting and Reunion, attendees' at Saturday morning's General Body Meeting were split on the suggestion to hold  meetings/reunions every other year or continue to hold them each summer. There was also discussion about what season and where to hold the Annual Meeting and Reunion. January/February would be better for our Woodstock representatives since a new school term begins each January, and winter in warm weather sounded appealing so Florida became the choice. 



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