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2020 FWS Annual Meeting & Reunion                                          
Individual class members will be grouped by class year as registrations come in. 


Woodstock School
Craig Cook, Ph.D, Principal and Jamie Williams, J.D.

Amy Seefeldt '93, Director of the Centre for Imagination

Class of 1951

Charlene Chitambar Connell and Terry Connell ('58)

Judie Schiller Landry and grandson Derek Chandler with guest Bella Bachand
U Kyaw "Win" Win and Gandasari "Riri" Win


Class of 1952

Jean Downie


Class of 1954
Mary Ellen Ensminger Atwood and Glenn Atwood
Marianna Presler McJimsey
Rich Parker and Maria Parker
Myra Downie VanUxem

Class of 1955
Carol Lubbers Babcock and Chad Babcock (son)
Verda Hostetler Bialac
Betty Ann McEldowney Conard and Dr. Dick Conard
John Gilson and Tura Gilson
Fred Holloszy

Grant Smith and Renny Smith
Alene Wilson Wyatt

Class of 1956
Jane Collins Choulett

Class of 1957

Judy Carpenter
Marian Griffiths Demcisak and John Demcisak
David Fiol and Eleanor Fiol
Jim Havens and Karen Havens
Mary Folsom Keller and Ken Keller

Dan Kobal and Lois Kobal
Esther Shull Riley and Barry Riley
Jon "Rickey" Sollid and Dagne Sollid


Class of 1958

Terry Connell and Charlene Chitambar Connell ('51)


Class of 1959
Robert Bonham and Suzanne Jonas

Philip McEldowney

Class of 1960
Helen Dobson Arnott
Jim Rugh

Class of 1962

Susan Hostetler Guipe
Carol Aldrich Sandlin and Buddy Sandlin
David Schoonmaker and Eva Schoonmaker, FWS Board Member and Treasurer (David)
Doug Wilkens


Class of 1963 
Sheridan J.R. (Ted) Chitambar and Jacqueline (Jackie) Chitambar
Suzanne Turner Hanifl and Paul Hanifl, with Guest, Martin Blyth
Hank Lacy

Larry Smith


Class of 1964

Sue B. Clack

Class of 1965

Dale Brown
Jonathan Larson and Mary Kay Burkhalter Larson


Class of 1966
Ruth Yoder Dyal

Class of 1967

Lucy Wilson Dorenfeld and Jim Litchfield, FWS Board Member and Vice President (Lucy)
Max Marble


Class of 1968
Glenn Conrad and Peggy Conrad, FWS Emeritus Board Member (Glenn) and Former Staff (Peggy)
Steve Van Rooy and Judy Van Rooy, FWS Board Member (Steve)

Doug Virgin and Val Virgin
Stephen Wilkens

Class of 1970

Marilyn Eadie Callier
Polly Petersen

Class of 1973

Bruce Davis and Susan Enright Davis, FWS Board Member and President (Bruce)


Class of 1974

S.N. (Kim) Shafi and Susan Shafi


Class of 1975
Fali Kapadia (Saroj Kapadia's son)


Class of 1976
Mary Feierabend Girard and daughter Renee Girard
Joy Garrison Schwindt and Mark Schwindt

Class of 1978

Michele Yael Fuller

Lini Mazumdar


Class of 1979
James Hackney
Carol Dodgson Klooster
Anita Luthra
Kevin Scott
Sharon Seto, Former Staff, Parent, FWS Board Member and Alumni Committee Chair
Anita Sundaram


Class of 1981
Margaret Dillener
Alan Howard and Rosalie Howard
Durjoy Mazumdar
Deirdre Straughan

Denise Cacho Vazquez Troutman, Florida Planning Committee Chair


Class of 1991

Jonlyn Freeman


Class of 1992
Molly Little

Class of 1993

Andy Crider and Sonya Crider

Class of 2009

Ben Henderson
David Shastry, FWS Board Member and Secretary

Staff, Friends and Others

Martin Blyth, Guest of Suzanne and Paul Hanifl
Bruce Davis ’73, FWS Board Member and President and Susan Enright Davis

Lucy Wilson Dorenfeld ’67, FWS Board Member and Vice President

Carmina "Peggy" Jenks and Peter Jenks, Former Staff
Saroj Kapadia, Former Staff, and her son, Fali Kapada '75

Sandy Keller, Former Staff
Virgil Miedema, Friend and FWS Board Member

Bill Roelofs and Dixie Roelofs, Former Staff
David Schoonmaker ’62, FWS Board Member and Treasurer and Eva Schoonmaker

Sharon Seto ‘79, Former Staff, Parent, FWS Board Member and Alumni Committee Chair

David Shastry ’09, FWS Board Member and Secretary

Steve Van Rooy ’68, FWS Board Member and Judy Van Rooy

David Weldy and Ann Weldy, Former Staff

Carolyn Wetherby and Dewy Wetherby, Former Staff
David Wheeler and Connie Wheeler, FWS Staff